Gaïa is the ultimate Earth Mother. According to ancient Greek mythology, she lived at the center of the earth and provided nourishment for everything on the planet. By creating Gaïa, I wanted to make my own contribution to ecological awareness by promoting the reworking, transforming, and recycling of cloth materials.

Based in Quebec city in the St-Roch district, the Gaïa workshop creates innovative and original pieces made from recycled clothing .The Designer Chantal Durette and his team  made 100% recycled products.

Gaia Collection began in 2004 and has not finished to amaze you!


- Nearly 80% of the fabric thrown away each year is non-biodegradable.
- We consume 60 million tons of fibers to clothe 3 billion people.
- In 50 years, 13 billion people will consume 200 million tons of textile fibers.

*** Did you know that according to a 2003 study conducted by Equiterre, the average Quebecois bought 23 kilos of new clothing and threw away 21 kilos of clothing per year. .